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Product designer


I'm Brent, an Interaction Designers at Intuit working on TurboTax. I’m one of three designers on mobile, and I ensure all parts of our product are built for the best mobile experience.

Design Philosophy

My goal is to create simple, enjoyable ways for people to get things done. I start with empathy for the people I'm solving for, which could be as simple as a phone conversation or as deep as living like them. Either way, understanding the user’s life is simply a must.

With that info I represent the voice of the user in our team and our business, identifying where our users’ needs and our business’s needs meet. 

There, I've learned to design a clear vision of the future to cut through shifting priorities, roadblocks, etc... and drive our team and business to a purposeful, insights-driven product. 

About Me

I am passionate about using software to make the world a better place. Whether it’s our economy, environment, or just having fun, I want to push boundaries with software. 

At Intuit I’ve run research on an innovative healthcare product for small businesses, driven UX design on a new product offering at Mint, designed parts of our Single Sign On across Intuit’s $4b/100m user product-line, and am currently designing TurboTax iOS and Android.

Outside of tech I don’t sit still, and regularly adventure via mountain bike, kiteboard, snow skis and sailplane.

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